OnePlus 3T to iPhone 12

My impressions on switching to iPhone 12 from OnePlus 3T after using it for the past 4 years. 

Disclaimer – I’m not comparing the two phones or between Android and iOS. I’m trying to express the upgrade I felt on switching to iPhone. 

Highlights – Simply wow! 

  1. Just a look at the iPhone to get a glance at the messages/notifications you received. Face-id works like charm. 
  2. The notch is a design. Feels nice to use a screen with a notch than a rectangular display.
  3. Camera – simply shoots what you think of. I used to be hesitant in taking out the camera in 3T since its performance degraded after 1 year. 
  4. Video – special shout-out to video recording. The level of image stabilization is astounding. This is the best ever I have seen In any phones so far
  5. Collaboration with MacBook is awesome. I can just transfer anything quick to Mac from the phone using airdrop. With 3t I used to use slack as a medium to transfer images/docs to Mac. There are a lot of other ways but this was easiest for me.
  6. I can just answer phone calls using Mac. I don’t even have to pick up the iPhone when I’m working 😅. Productivity increased, distraction reduced.


There is an iOS migration tool that will help you with the following

  1. Transfer local photos from Android to iPhone
  2. Copy Contacts to iPhone
  3. Transfer SMS from android device to iPhone
  4. Installs Apps present in Android device from App Store. You’ll have to manually configure each app in iPhone later.

I used the migration tool for transferring SMS and contacts. I had most of my photos in google photos. 

I switched the default iOS Camera backup to Google Photos just to keep all my photos in one place.

Downside of migration 

WhatsApp – there’s no way I could find transferring WhatsApp messages from android to iOS. All I was able to do is to export the chat of my important conversations and send it to my email. Not sure if that will be of any use.

Phone call logs will be lost – this was not a great deal for me but the WhatsApp was.

There are a lot of things I didn’t know (still learning) how to do in iOS but feels great once I do it on iPhone. This is exactly what I started to like about iOS over Android. 

As the word goes “ The greatest piece of innovation should not be seen but felt”. iOS does exactly the same. 

Reasons I chose iPhone

  1. My eyes were glued to the iPhone 12’s boxy design and it ticked all of my boxes.
  2. Loved the Matt finish on the sides with Aluminium frame and glass back.
  3. There wasn’t any strong Android flagship in the market. Personally, I felt the android flagships were lacking intent and aren’t competitive with iPhone anymore. 
  4. For a change. Wanted to explore new things and find out why Apple is successful in the iPhone business 😉.

Using iPhone 12

iPhone 12 definitely feels premium on your hands. The holding position and getting used to iPhone was easy since the dimensions of the OnePlus 3T and iPhone 12 were the same. (iPhone was a few mm shorter and a few mm smaller).

The boxy design added more grip while holding the iPhone whereas the OnePlus 3T doesn’t stay on the palms without case due to the slippery curved metal back.

The iOS keyboard doesn’t have the comma and dot buttons on the main keyboard. Will have to go back and forth on the keyboard to use it. This is a bit of learning, not a disappointment.

The wide-angle camera is great when taking group selfies or pictures of areas where you can’t step back to cover the region.

Just pickup the iPhone from your pocket, or from the table, or bed and simply swipe up, BOOM! Home screen opens. Face ID works behind the scenes on a routine usage like charm.

iPhone 12 is a great choice if you are looking for a new phone. I have shared my experiences as an OnePlus 3T user migrating to iPhone 12. I still love my 3T and just started loving my iPhone more 😀

Please leave a comment if you want to know any specific details about iPhone or the migration to iPhone. Thanks!


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